Today's reputation economy requires a new kind of agency


The old framework is ineffective as businesses navigate a world filled with disruptions and uncertainties.

We believe that today, Reputational Resilience can only be achieved through integrated, senior-led counsel that cuts across common silos between marketing, branding, corporate communications, board and other organisational functions. Leveraging traditional, digital and experiential capabilities, our framework enables a unified approach in developing diverse and niche strategies to meet your Reputation and Influence goals.

“In God, we trust; everybody else, bring data.”

Sim Tshabalala, CEO, Standard Charted Bank (Africa)


We take a digital-first approach in Reputation Resilience and Business Sustainability

We ensure that our services allows you the ability to report to the board with confidence and make informed decisions with a clear understanding of reputation drivers unique to your business, brands and CEO/Senior Leadership team. Our strategies include capabilities that combine ‘Search, Social and Media’, delivered by experts focused on your reputational needs.

Reputation Management


Brand Influence


Crisis Management


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For compelling and discoverable content

There are different types of channel that form today’s media ecosystem, each with distinct characteristics and rules of engagement, but also connected to, influenced by, and dependent upon one another.

Key to driving Brand Influence is our approach to developing effective content based on the Channel Neutral Narrative (CNN) framework. It entails telling a brand or corporate story in an audience-relevant and digitally-integrated way. Targeting five key touchpoints: Traditional, Hybrid, Social, Owned and Experiential, our Content Experts employ different strategies to share and amplify a brand or corporate story, ensuring they are compelling, discovered/searchable and the narrative controlled.