How Reputation Management Services Differ From PR Agencies

Some public relations agencies offer reputation management as a subset of their services. The difference between public relations agencies with reputation management companies is that reputation management firms focus entirely on reputation management, thus allowing such firms to develop core competencies in the subject. They have the operational and technical expertise to execute from all […]

Why You Need Reputation Management

You or your brand’s reputation today has more influence on consumer decision than any marketing, advertising or public relations campaign can have. Consumers expect public leaders to be transparent, and a strong reputation enhances an individual’s brand recall and public confidence. A reputation well managed can also help the individual with the following; Mitigate Negative […]

What is Reputation Management And Why You Need It

Because today’s digital media enables two-way communications, your reputation is no longer what you tell people it is. Your reputation is a combination of what people say about you offline and online, and your own brand narrative. Reputation management then is the art of managing public discourse about your brand, so that it aligns as […]

What is Reputation And Why It Matters

Reputation, in a nutshell, is what people think of you, whether that is true or not. The audience who can form opinions about your reputation can be your current and future customers, your current and potential employees, executive management, your current and potential investors, suppliers and vendors, the media, competitors and end users of your […]