Case Study: Reputation Management

Sector: Reputation Management Practice Areas: Reputation Management, Crisis Communications A public figure wanted to participate in a campaign. Against a landscape of negativity towards politicians, the public figure needed a strong brand positioning to combat the public’s scepticism and win their trust. The Personality engaged us to manage their campaign. With social listening, we were […]

Case Study: Brand Management

Sector: Manufacturing, B2B Practice Area: Brand Influence, Reputation Management Our client request us to help expand the Client’s influence in the Client’s industry vertical so that the Client can be more visible to potential investors and business partners. As a reputation and influence strategist, our approach is to work quietly in the background to let […]

Case Study: Crisis Communications

Sector: Telco Practice Areas: Crisis Communications, Reputation Management Our client was hired as the CEO for a large MNC in a highly publicised announcement. Prior to the announcement, there was plenty of online chatter and criticism about the previous CEO and the company business. With news of the incoming CEO, there was increased online buzz […]